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This is the home of the Virtual Field Trip to Niwot Ridge. This site was designed to give those who are unable to hike to Niwot Ridge a taste of the biodiversity that can be found above treeline. There are two field trips at this site: the biodiversity of Niwot Ridge -- including animals and plants -- and the effects of excess Nitrogen from car exhaust and agriculture on the Niwot Ridge ecosystem.

Note: touring this virtual field trip only gives you a small taste of the beauty of the alpine and is NO SUBSTITUTE for getting up there and seeing it in person! If you get the opportunity, hike on up, enjoy the view, feel the wind burn, complain about how thin the air is -- it builds character!! But always remember to tread lightly!

Where Are We Going?

Niwot Ridge is an alpine ecosystem found high in the Rocky Mountains. Come to the introduction page to get an introduction to the environmental conditions, plants, and animals of Niwot Ridge -- both past and present. We have also included fun and surprising facts about Niwot Ridge (and the answers to some of the quiz questions!).

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