Are You Ready for the Niwot Ridge Quiz?

This is just for fun - we won't be grading it!

1. What is the ONLY organism that lives above the snow in the alpine in winter?

2. What mammal is never seen above-ground?

3. What animal is now the "most feared", because it's a carrier of a deadly disease?

4. What's the most common plant of the alpine?

5. Which tree species live above timberline?

6. Some of the alpine tree islands are actually moving across the tundra. How is this possible? (look at this photo with skeletal remains of krummholz for hints.)

7. What animals are now extinct:

a. on Niwot Ridge but not in all Colorado alpines?
b. in all Colorado sites?

Write down your answers on a piece of paper and click here to see how many you got correct.

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