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A live, interactive webcam located on Niwot Ridge.

Niwot Ridge LTER Site Bibliography

Brief listings of Niwot Ridge LTER Publications:
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1982 through 1989
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For more detailed information (including keywords and abstracts), as well as any pre-1982 publications, the entire Niwot Ridge site bibliography [including non-LTER publications from Niwot Ridge] is available as a structured ASCII file with a description of that structure at the head of the file. Alternatively, one can search this bibliography based on any single search category option presented below.

This will allow "or" Boolean searches (type all strings to be searched with a space between them. e.g., "Smith Johnson" to search for entries by either "Smith" or "Johnson"), but does not allow "and" Boolean searches. Multiple word keyword(s) and keyword(s)-in-title can be searched by using a plus sign "+" in place of a space in the expression (e.g., "data+management" to search for entries with "data management" as a keyword). All searches are case-insensitive. Note: if you are having trouble finding matches for a given topic, be sure to try all possible synonyms. The keywords used are often supplied by the journal or authors, and therefore are not always uniform.

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