Current Niwot Ridge LTER Meteorological Data - C1

The following meteorological data are from the C1 station, at 3022m (9,912 ft) on Niwot Ridge. The peak wind gust information is recorded instantaneously, with a sampling interval of 5 seconds. The other measurements are one hour averages comprised of 720 samples collected at 5 second intervals. All the parameters are updated at the top of every hour. This page is also available displayed in metric units.

1700 - 1800 Mountain Daylight Saving Time on 7/3/2021
01) Temperature:
57.0 degrees F
02) Soil Temperature:
55.0 degrees F
03) Relative Humidity:
71.06 percent
04) Barometric Pressure:
710.7 millibars
05) Wind Speed:
4 miles/hour
06) Wind Direction:
292.4 degrees
07) Peak Wind Gust:
9 miles/hour
08) Time of Peak Gust:
1617 MST
09) Precipitation:
0 100ths of an inch
10) Snow Depth:

WARNING: These data are raw and have not been quality checked.

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