Hello, and welcome to the AMQUA "Ask an Expert" Web page. This is the place to find an expert who can answer your questions about ice-age climates, plants, animals, people, and glaciation.

AMQUA is the American Quaternary Association, a group of scientists who study the Quaternary Period, the geologic period of the last 2.5 million years in which the world has experienced at least 17 glacial periods, or ice ages.

To find an expert on a topic that interests you, click on the region you are interested in, then select a topic from the list.  You will be connected with an AMQUA expert through a link to his or her e-mail address.  Type your question, then send your message. The AMQUA expert will either answer you directly, or send you the e-mail address of someone else who knows even more about your particular question.



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