By Scott A. Elias

Book Summary:

Focusing on more than 30,000 years of Alaskan prehistory, The Ice Age History of Alaskan National Parks vividly describes the geology, climate, ancient plant and animal life, and human presence in four of Alaska's national parks and preserves: Denali, Kenai Fjords, Glacier Bay, and Bering Land Bridge. Scott A. Elias uncovers a time when glaciers shaped the landscape, gouging out valleys, carving cirques and peaks, and leaving moraines that blocked rivers and formed lakes.

Using fossils as "witnesses" of past environments, he recreates the bogs and steppe tundra where caribou, moose, large horned bison, and mammoths reigned 35,000 years ago. This guidebook presents a unique perspective for the modern traveler. Geared toward the general reader, it is the first in a series that will also survey the prehistory of the Rocky Mountain and Southwest national parks.

Copyright l995; 150 pages, 18 b&w; photographs, 39 1ine drawings, 22 maps 224 pp. Paper: $16.95, Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D. C

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