Green Lake 4 Resources


The most frequently sampled lake in our database is Green Lake 4 in the Silver Lakes Watershed at the Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research Site (NWTLTER) near Boulder, Colorado.

The following resources are included below.

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Green Lake 4. Looking upvalley to the west/southwest (2006-06-29). Silver Lakes Watershed, Colorado. Photo: NWT-LTER Researcher

Protocol Manual

A document outlining monitoring methods and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Contents include:Sampling, Filtering, Analysis, and Calculations

Green Lakes Valley Limnological Protocol Manual (4 Mb PDF)


A table created by Tisza Bell that cross references taxa in this database with lettered morphotypes.

Taxa ID Website Name Mor earlier identification by
Dufford or Flanagan
Taxa Group
used by Bell
1126 Synedra sp. N Synedra famelica +
Synedra sp.
Synedra spp.
1130 Fragilaria sp. AC Fragilaria sp. "
1131 Unknown bacilariophyte AH   Bacillariophyte spp.
2016 Chlorella minutissima G Chlorella minutissima Chlorella spp.
2017 Chlorella sp. I Chlorella sp.
2019 Chlorococcum sp. T Chlorococcum sp. "
2024 Sphaerocystis sp. CS Coenochloris polycocca "
2046 Monomastix sp. MX Monomastix sp. "
2064 Raphidocelis microscopica L Raphidocelis microscopica "
2067 Scenedesmus ecornis J Scenedesmus ecornis "
2084 Ankyra sp. #1 A Ankyra judayi Ankyra spp.
2087 Ankyra sp. #2 M Ankyra sp.
2085 Chlamydomonas sp. #1 E Chlamydomonas sp. Chlamydomonas spp.
2086 Chlamydomonas sp. #2 D Chlamydomonas sp.
2088 unknown chlorophyte UNK CHL Chlorophyte spp. "
3003 Chromulina sp. AE Chromulina sp. "
3007 Chrysococcus sp. R Chrysococcus sp. "
3019 Dinobryon sp. K Dinobryon sp. "
4013 Plagioselmis sp. #2 U Plagioselmis sp. Plagioselmis spp.
4014 Plagioselmis sp. #1 AF Plagioselmis nannoplanctica
5029 Rhabdoderma sp. B Rhabdoderma sp. "
5035 Cyanophyte sp. C Aphanocapsa delicatissima Cyanophyte spp.
Aphanothece clathrata
Aphanothece minutissima
Cyanophyte spp.
Dactyloccoccopsis sp.
Oscillatoria limnetica
Rhabdogoea scenedesmoides
7001 Chrysochromulina sp. AI Chrysochromulina sp. "
8009 Pyrrophyte sp. AK Pyrrophyte sp. "
9001 Ciliata AJ Unknown heterotroph  


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